Spring Time Harriman State Park, NY – Spruce Pond

Spruce Pond is in Harriman State Park, NY quite near Sterling State Forest, NY; so close, in fact, Yahoo Maps says Spruce Pond is in Harriman State Park, while Google Maps doesn’t indicate Spruce Pond being in either Harriman State Park or Sterling Forest!



Spruce Pond has a natural shoreline about 3/4 around its perimeter, but the SE end is built up with a quite lovely, small natural-stone dam.


Spring is currently well under way in the lower Hudson Valley! Surely you have taken note that the Forsythia has bloomed in all its golden glory; many of the other tree species in the area are showing leaf blooms which will soon turn the hills and mountainsides the lush greens of Summer we all love.

Harriman Hikers
A New York – New Jersey Singles Hiking Club, Established 1974